I loved Amsterdam. Seriously, loved it. The food, the people, the sights – everything about it. From the Red Light District, to canal tours, to walking a mile to find the bench from The Fault in Our Stars – it was a place that completely lived up to my expectations (and I’m very happy we have an office there, so my chances of going back are high!)

Again, we stayed at an Air-Bnb a little ways out of the city. We were able to take a three hour train ride from Paris (so easy) that brought us to the Amsterdam airport – where we took public transportation to the apartment where we were staying. Thank GOD Debs had cell reception on her phone – so we were able to easily navigate our way to the location (even though the signs were hard to read).

We had heard the lines for the Anne Frank House were notoriously long, so we decided to take our chances and try going as soon as we got settled. We Ubered straight there and got in line around 7:30, entering the museum around 8pm. It was perfect timing – as we got to see and experience the entire museum without feeling rushed or crowded. From there, we ventured over to an Indian restaurant where we STUFFED ourselves – and then spent the rest of the night roaming around the Red Light District with other tourists. It was WAY more fun than I think either of us were anticipating (besides being a little beyond what we were both used to.)

The rest of our trip in Amsterdam was spent roaming the canal lined streets, visiting the world famous Van Gogh museum, grabbing drinks with European co-workers andddd we were even able to sneak in a massage at a spa.

Truly cannot wait for the next time I get to visit this wonderful place.