Bodysuit: American Apparel; Shorts and Flannel: Vintage: Boots: Doc Marten’s; Sunnies: Oliver Peoples ‘Benedict’ with custom lenses; Necklace: Madewell
Just a quick check in with an outfit post – leftovers from a glam shoot I did with a girlfriend from my pageant days. We shot a TON of fabulous shots of her (which I still need to get around to editing GAH) and then I forced her to play photographer. A photoshoot with a great friend on a Friday is always an afternoon well spent, in my book.
Sidenote: Have any of you ever worn American Apparel bodysuits? They rock. I highly recommend them (and am on the market for a bunch in some solid colors…)
In other news, as of now, September is looking crazzzzzzzy.
Tomorrow I’m headed to Vegas for a business trip where we are meeting with buyers from a major shoe company to understand more about how their business works. Labor Day weekend, my sister and I are jetting off to Austin, Texas for a LONG overdue reunion with one of our oldest childhood friends and in less than a month, I’m headed to Spain and Morocco with two of my favorite gal pals. I also just got word that there’s a slight chance I may be headed on another business trip the day after I get back from Europe – so needless to say, my body is tired and I’m more than ready for some sort of hard core, deep tissue massage or something (currently taking donations).
No complaints on my end though – it’s exciting and I’m stoked for everything that is currently in the works. All it means that blog posts may be a little sparse for the time being, but I’ll try my best to think of some interesting content for the near future.