To be honest, I usually avoid yellow as much as possible, but I couldn’t say “no” to this blouse. It’s perfectly flowy and sheer, and looks relaxed even though it’s the color of a yellow highlighter in person (the camera doesn’t do it justice…) It was between this one or the same shirt with a leopard print, and I’m so glad this one won out.

  • Top, JCPenny’s, on sale. They’re honestly upping their cute factor. I wanted everything I saw, which used to NEVER happen in Penny’s.
  • Leggings, Marciano, $30 with my discount. The most amazing leggings ever made. They come to my ankle and they’re super duper thick. I’ve been wearing them every chance I can get.
  • Tank, Love Culture, $4.90. I love my cheap tanks, and I couldn’t resist this one since it had lace. (I bought it in tan and black too, shhhhh don’t tell my mom.)
  • Gold flats, Famous Footwear, on sale for $15. GOLD SHOES. How could I say no to gold shoes!? No lie, right after I took this picture I threw on my black Target booties. The gold ones are coming as back-up in my purse to work.
  • Assorted bracelets, all mine. Found when I was organizing my jewelry before work. It all went with the yellow, so I just threw it all on.
Looking at this outfit, I realize that literally everything article of clothing on my body was purchased in the last week.
I really do have a shopping problem.
PS: I’m reading Confessions of a Shopaholic and it’s like the book was written about me.